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DALLAS — The legendary Charles Haley is in the spotlight once again.

This time he’s not tackling quarterbacks but instead, tackling his own demons when it comes to his battle with bipolar disorder, as he releases his autobiography titled: Fear No Evil: Tackling Quarterbacks and Demons on My Way to the Hall of Fame.

“I’ve made a decision not to be in the dark anymore about my mental illness, after working with other young men about mental illness that have it. I feel like ‘You know what? It’s time for me to step out of the darkness, go to the light and truly try to help these young men.'”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even wrote the forward of the book, telling the story about the trade with the San Francisco 49ers to get Haley.

But little did Jones know, that trade was a turning point for Haley. And the guys on the Dallas Cowboys roster changed his life.

“You know Jerry, I love him to death. When he came to the airport and he picked me up and he talked to me as a man for about an hour or so, giving me his vision; and I respect that so much. I just think when people really care about you, they take moments like that and I will never forget that moment,” Haley said. “My teammates made me whole, because I never felt part of anything and by being around those guys, it help me control some of my behavior.”

Sharing his secret battle with bipolar disorder was no easy task.  Now that it’s done, the five-time Pro Bowler just wants one thing.

“I just wanted people to know that I regret, I regret. I got a lot of regret, but I’m willing to make that up.”

Spoken like a true Hall of Famer.

Of course while we had him here at NewsFix for the interview we had to know, Team Dak or Team Romo?

“I love Romo, but Dak has taken the team the team to new levels.

And he would know. After all, the dude has 5 Super Bowl rings!