Character Crime: Gun Emoji Lands Frenchman in Jail

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DROME, FRANCE -- Emojis. Love them or hate them, they're meant to be an extension of real words. Sure, they might be useful when texting your crush, but could they be dangerous when texting your ex?

One man in France found out. The gun emoji he sent his former girlfriend landed him in jail for three months.

A court determined the gun-shaped character was a death threat in form of an image.

The ruling is the first of its kind in France. So could emojis get you in trouble in the States?

Of course! A 12-year-old from Fairfax, Virginia was charged with threatening her school after posting a gun emoji, a knife emoji and a bomb emoji to Instagram.

But it's how she captioned the post that could be the real threat: "killing, meet me in the library Tuesday."

Now that's hard to take out of context!

And what about this emoji graffiti of a gun pointed at a cop's head found in Houston last year?

Looks like these folks are learning the hard way that a picture is worth a thousand words, threatening or not.

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