Chaos in Cleveland? City Prepares for Tension-Filled RNC

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — With the racial and political tension seemingly at an all-time high around the country fears are mounting ahead of next week`s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Some Cleveland high school students are even building robots to help police monitor and respond to any potential suspicious activity.

Adding to the fear is the fact that Ohio is an open-carry state leading to the head of the group called “Bikers for Trump” to say that Cleveland could turn into “The O.K. Corral”.

Initially Dallas was one of the nominees to host this year`s convention but in the wake of last week`s deadly attack city officials have to be breathing a huge sigh of relief that Big D wasn`t selected.

In preparation for what`s sure to be a heated event the secret service and FBI will provide security inside the convention. Cleveland PD will work crowd control outside of the convention aided by 3,000 reinforcements from surrounding precincts. 2,000 news sets of riot gear have been purchased as well.

Other police purchases have been kept secret until after the convention for the sake of security.

One thing’s for certain though; all eyes are guaranteed to be on Cleveland this time next week.

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