Celebs Praise New Star Wars Movie, Fans Dodge Spoilers

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FORT WORTH — Well folks, we’re just a couple days away from a brand-new Star Wars movie, and the hype just keeps building.

About 1,000 VIPs were invited to see The Force Awakens at the Hollywood world premiere Monday night, but the rest of us will have to wait until at least Thursday.  And once those theater doors open, the film is expected to break all sorts of box office records.

For fans like Fort Worth’s Nate Hodges, who’s seeing it Saturday morning, the wait means a long week avoiding spoilers.

“If one of my friends actually does spoil it for me, we’re no longer friends,” Hodges said.  “It’s that big of a deal.”

The folks at Monday’s premiere can’t post full reviews until Wednesday, but the buzz about JJ Abrams’ new flick on Twitter was positively glowing.

“It was epic, awesome, and perfect,” tweeted Rainn Wilson from The Office.

Comedian Patton Oswalt agreed, saying simply, “JJ did it.”

It’ll be pretty hard to avoid details once the full reviews start coming in — not to mention people spoiling things by accident, or on purpose.

“I’m not gonna be looking at Facebook, Twitter,” Hodges said. “I might just avoid all human contact, actually.”

Hey, after the disappointment over the last time Star Wars was in theaters — we’re still shaking off Jar Jar nightmares — folks are hoping, this time, it’ll be worth the wait.

“I just want a good movie,” Hodges told NewsFix. “If I can have that kind of experience that my dad got?  Fantastic.”

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