CDC says new risks are emerging among teens besides sex and drugs

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ATLANTA, GA — Drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll! Back in the day, these were some of the major things that caused parents to worry most about their kids. However, a recent study released by the Centers for Disease Control says the most concerning among teens today are stress, anxiety, and obesity.

The annual research called “National Youth Risk Behavior Survey” revealed that fewer students are having sex and using drugs, but instead, their mental and physical health is suffering due to an increase of stress factors and higher intake of calories.

“This population is very sensitive, they’re very vulnerable,”  Jovaria Baig, of Total Life Counseling, said. “Nowadays adolescents and children are exhibiting more in NSSI which is non-suicidal self-[injuries]”

Whether it stems from school, peer interactions, or personal issues in the home, stress levels in teens are steadily on the rise, but Baig says there are ways parents can help their kids.

“We need to definitely talk to our kids more, talk to the adolescents more, be engaged with them, be more active with them.”

And these are just a few tactics. So maybe schedule some time with your teen each week to just have some fun, worry free!

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