Cause of Cowboys struggles? Fans weigh in!


FRISCO — It wasn’t a football Sunday in Dallas, but football was being played at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Frisco.

In fact, the pick up flag football game going on in front of the Ford Center was actually more competitive than the ‘Boys have been lately. Don’t shoot the messenger! When you’re outscored 92-22 in a three week span, you can’t really argue it.

But what’s really wrong with Dallas?

We decided to ask the young guns watching at home, and it turns out they had plenty to say.

“We have no secondary, we have no running back, we have no left tackle,” Cowboys fan Chauncey Malone said. “It looks downhill from here. I’m a big Cowboys fan, but we don’t have any hope.”

“Just bad decision making, I feel like,” Cowboys fan Jordan Stoler added.

“We’ve had some key injuries,” Raphael Akinsipe said. “Our offensive line hasn’t been the same.”

Cortez Goodwin isn’t a Cowboys fan, but he added, “You abandon the run really fast when things don’t go right. Alfred Morris will get 2-3 yards, and then you’ll just go to the pass every time.”

Malone had one more he needed to say.

“Coaching,” he said without another word.

Turns out, Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett agrees with one major part of those statements. The blame belongs to everyone.

“Everyone’s got a piece of it,” Garrett said in his press conference Sunday. “Coaches, players, guys with the ball in their hands, guys who don’t have the ball in their hands. Ultimately, we gotta keep banging away, striving to execute better.’

But what about Coach Garrett? Only three coaches have been with a team for 115 or more games with one or less playoff wins: Marvin Lewis, Jim Mora, and Jason Garrett. He did get a vote of confidence from Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones after the Thanksgiving Day blowout loss to the Chargers, but some fans aren’t so supportive.

“I feel like they’ve given up on Jason Garrett as a whole,” Malone said. “If they’re not gonna play for him, they’re not gonna play for each other.”

The rest of the group didn’t agree, saying a team with this many other issues shouldn’t be the one that decides Garrett’s fate.

Can the Cowboys turn it around this year?

“Nope! Hell no. No,” Goodwin laughed.

After thinking, Malone agreed: “Nope,” he said with a defeated laugh.

Season lost? Only the ‘Boys can truly decide that, but they might wanna come out guns blazing against Washington Thursday.

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