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RICHARDSON — Long time Richardson resident, David Dinsmore, never worried about letting his dogs go outside since the backyard was completely fenced.

“Three or four years ago, we had some Coyotes. A lot of sightings, but I don’t think there was any attacks on small dogs, though,” Dinsmore said.

That changed Tuesday when a bobcat killed one of his Yorkies.

“I was already out there with them, and then I came in for just a few minutes getting ready for work. Then I was going to get them up and put them in the house, and just that few minutes where I went to get my briefcase is when that happened.”

What happened was caught on camera. In the video, you can see a bobcat leaping over Dinsmore’s fence. The two Yorkies in the backyard tried to get away but the bobcat caught — and killed — Dakota.

The City of Richardson says bobcat sightings are on the rise.

“We have had some unusual weather circumstances earlier in the year that’s provided some additional resources for the bobcats, so they’ve ended up healthier, having larger litters,” said Bill Alsup, Director of Health.

Richardson is stepping up efforts to catch the cats by putting out traps around the city. But apparently, some folks believe the big cats can be harmed when they enter the cage.

“We have had some incidents with people vandalizing our traps and pretty much negating our efforts,” Alsup explained.

Dinsmore believes his surviving dog isn’t safe outside. In fact, on his surveillance camera Thursday, he spotted what he believes to be the same bobcat in his back alley.

“I didn’t think I had to have my dog on the leash every foot out the back door, Dinsmore said. “But obviously, I do.”