Cat Burglars: Cat Collars Can Steal Your Information

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That cute cat you see walking down the street might seem harmless, but looks can be deceiving.

No, we’re not warning you about a vicious cat attack — this is more of a digital threat.

“This SD card was in the collar, collecting the data, and we put it onto the laptop here,” said Gene Bransfield of Tenacity Solutions Inc.

That’s right, the sweet kitty’s collar is rigged to steal some important information.

In a short walk around the neighborhood, it was able to collect Wifi network names and level of security.

That’s enough info for a hacker to access your network — for whatever criminal purpose they might have in mind.

“If you want to do hacking or even something really terrible like child pornography, you can download it via that open Wifi access point,” Bransfield said. “And when the FBI shows up they’re going to show up to where that access point was – not the guy who connected to it.”

So what’s the lesson we can take from this cuddly cat burglar?

“There’s a lot of open Wifi access points,” Bransfield said. “The biggest thing people can do is make sure that their home Wifi access points are properly secured.”

Password protect your Wifi — if it’s so vulnerable a cat can hack it, you’re just asking for trouble.

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