Cash & Carry: Woman Finds Cash Stash in Thrift Store Purchase

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ARLINGTON – It’s not uncommon to strike gold in a thrift store. Who doesn’t appreciate a vintage jacket or grungy graphic tee?

Well, one bargain hunter scored in a big way after finding  major cash at an Arlington thrift store.

“They said there was a large sum of money they found in the clothing and they wanted to make sure it got back to the original owner,” Randolph Brown, founder of the Veterans Thrift Store, said.

Pretty sweet, right? Well, that kind of depends on whether or not the money was tucked away on purpose.

“It kind of raises the suspicion of… was that donated? Was it a secret donation for our store? Or was it somebody legitimately left it in the clothing item?” Brown asked.

Either way, ‘found money’ is not as uncommon as you’d think.

“I’ve heard it before from other thrift stores. This is the first that’s it’s ever happened to us.”

So what now?

“We want to put an appeal to anyone who may have left money in the clothing to contact our store. Or, if you want to donate it to our organization, we would definitely love to have those donations as well,” Brown said.

If you can come up with details to solve this mystery donation, call the Veteran’s Thrift Store in Arlington.

Looks like one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure.

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