Casey Anthony Complains Of Boredom 5 Years After Acquittal; Still Gets Money From Lawyer, Report says

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FLORIDA — It’s been five years since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Now 30 years old, sources gave People Magazine a picture of her life in 2016.  Anthony still lives in South Florida and is getting financial support from some members of her legal team, according to the magazine.

Sources said she’s bored and has enough money to live but not enough to really do anything. She started a photography business, Case Photography, but apparently has not done much with it.

“She gets up each day, hangs around, checks the internet, takes some pictures, and doesn’t do much. She can’t hold a real job, and she doesn’t really make a lot of friends, for obvious reasons. When people find out about her history, they usually bail on her,” the source told PEOPLE.

She reportedly doesn’t speak regularly with her parents. As for a social life, sources said she has only gone on a few dates since she was found not guilty.

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