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DALLAS — One team. One title. And Tuesday night, one red carpet event to tell the story of the high school football team that’s still making headlines after more than 25 years.

We’re talking Carter High.

“Basically, this movie is about making the right decisions and the right choices in your life and what can happen when you don’t make the right choices in your life,” said former Dallas Cowboy and Executive Producer Greg Ellis.

The year was 1988, and the Carter High School football team was unstoppable, claiming the ultimate gridiron prize in Texas — State Champs!

But the celebration would be short-lived. The team found itself at the center of a scandal. Six star players were benched after they were convicted for a string of robberies.

Then, there were issues with ineligibility. You know, the ‘no pass, no play’ rule?

When the dust settled, the Carter Cowboys were stripped of their state title and that’s made for a great story being told by some of Hollywood’s greats.

“I never thought someone would be portraying me in a movie, and it’s David Banner. So, I wanna see if he was as good as I was,” said Senator Royce West, who represented the Carter High School football team.

The cast also includes Vivica A. Fox, Charles Dutton, Pooch Hall, and Reginald Hayes.

The movie will hit theaters in Dallas on Friday.