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September 30 2021 07:00 pm

Carry the Load reminds people of the true meaning of Memorial Day

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DALLAS–Carry The Load, a non-profit organization has been putting together relay team walks since 2011. Their mission? Simple, to provide active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes, and this year is no exception.

The two day rally took place at Reverchon Park and it featured music, inspirational speeches, flag ceremonies and much more.

“Carry The Load came about as an opportunity to do Memorial Day better. It came about as a way to honor those who have made the sacrifice and just as importantly families who gave of their loved ones,” Todd Boeding, Carry The Load board member said.

Veterans and people from all over came together as they walked and cycled carrying more than 50 lbs with them.

“We are carrying for seven people actually. We kinda have our little sign. We are going to be doing a lap for each of the seven airmen that were killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq,” Collin Sprawl, participant said.

“Today I carry the load for the men and women that I’ve served with specifically I have five names on my backpack. So the names in the backpack are the folks I’ve actually known or serve with and died in combat. So, I’ve come out here in full battle rattle which is what a typical soldier wears in combat. A physical load to represent the emotional load the I carry for them”, Captain Glen Dare, US Army Ret. said

“I’ve walked before and I’m going to continue walking for all the comrades I have lost and for anybody who has been in war and lost it” John Herren, participant said.

Carry The Load hopes to restore the real meaning of Memorial Day.

“I think its important to remember specially people our age, it’s easy to see the weekend as free three day weekend or four day weekend, just days to go out and have fun drink and party and stuff, but in my opinion I hold it really personal because you think of all the people that have sacrifice up to their lives or more for us to be able to do things like this.” Sprawl said

Carry The Load has raised more than $17.7 million  since 2011 and over 75,000 Americans have participated in the marches. Now that’s reminding everyone the true meaning of Memorial Day, one step at a time.

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