Car Dealer Gives Woman Refund in Pennies!

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Car Dealer Gives Woman Refund in Pennies!

JACKSONVILLE, FL– Irena Mujakovic just wasn’t happy with the car she bought from Holiday Motors in Jacksonville, Florida. It had all sorts of mechanical issues, including transmission problems. They fixed it and sold her a warranty, but the problem popped up again.

Finally, she demanded a refund for repairs from the dealer. It took a while and she even had to get the DMV involved. But when she finally got her $400 dollars back? Much of it was in pennies, which she left at the dealership.

“There were some one-dollar bills, but mostly pennies — like two full bags,’ she said. “I’m so mad with them.”

Mujakovic didn’t even have time to count the money, to see if it was the full amount. Though the dealer says they did nothing wrong, saying “I am doing what the DMV asked me to do. It is legal tender.”

Legal? Sure. Inconvenient? You betcha.

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