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DALLAS, TX – Life’s journey can sometimes lead us through uncharted waters. Our destiny is often defined by our response to the the ebb and flow of routine.

On Saturday, Keith Lynch completed an unbelievable adventure — one that took him through 4,000 miles of water, back to his home city of Dallas.

“I felt like I wanted to take an adventure and I’ve always gravitated towards individuals who have taken trips,” Lynch said, shortly after ending his journey. “I’ve always been inspired by Lewis and Clark and you put it all in a blender and here I am.”

Lynch pulled ashore at the Continental Bridge, nearly six months after he first set off in a canoe from Twin Bridges, Montana.

Every grueling and glorious mile was documented; his progress was noted on his water-weary body, rugged and weathered much like his surroundings.

“Each time I’d step on the scale it was getting scarier and scarier,” Lynch explained. “I started off at about 185, 190 and last time I weighed myself it was 138.”

Friends and family gathered to welcome home the modern day pioneer.

“When I sit back and reflect I’ll remember the generosity of people who have assisted me along the way,” Lynch said. “The lengths that people have gone to to help me has been humbling.”

When asked how seeing the cross-country odyssey has changed him, Lynch became emotional. “I’ve definitely changed. I think I’ve always been a generous person, or I’ve tried to be a generous person. I think I’ll continue to do that and hopefully I can reach out more and help people.”

An inspiring journey that proves the power of grit, determination… and a paddle.