Canned controversy: Yep, stealing Spam is a thing in Hawaii

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O‘AHU, HI — Here’s a strange story for you… people are stealing Spam!

Really. Spam is apparently a hot item to snatch in Hawaii. In the last month, people have been loading carts of the meat and making a rush for the nearest exit.

At a shop in downtown Honolulu, a man walked in, grabbed some Spam, and when a security guard tried to stop him, the guy punched the guard in the face. The cops are offering a thousand dollar reward for him.

It’s a big problem for some retailers. Such a problem, they’ve decided to put the meat in locked cases.

To be honest, we’re used to seeing an odd mix of things under lock and key like electronics, razors, video games, and perfume. But Spam? If you’re in Hawaii, now you have to ask a salesperson to unlock it for you.

The question still remains: why are people stealing Spam?

Believe it or not, there’s a Spam black market. Drug dealers are trading the cans in for a quick buck.

Talk about organized, retail crime!

Let’s just hope they can put a lid on the canned controversy soon.

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