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Can you wear white after Labor Day?

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DALLAS — It’s probably the most well known fashion rule out there: No wearing white after Labor Day.

But is it one anyone still follows? We asked some folks out at the Garland Labor Day parade.

“No I don’t ever follow those rules,” one man told us.

“No way, I wear white all year long,” a woman agreed.

But another woman said she’s sticking to it: “It’s a rule, it’s like fashion. Your shoes have to match your purse, you cannot wear white after Labor Day.”

So we’re pretty divided on the subject. But where did the rule even start? Well according to the Emily Post Institute, back at the start of the 20th century Labor Day marked the end of summer, and as the weather turned cooler white was out.

It also acted as a good sign that you were part of the “in crowd” as far as fashion goes.

But we decided to go to the expert, Tanya Foster, a Dallas lifestyle blogger, to decide whether this century old fashion fact is still a thing.

“I think it’s a really old rule that we’ve not lived by in a long time, especially in the south, I think anything goes,” said Foster. “You can wear white year round, you can wear white jeans year round, I think the key is just to style it in the season that’s appropriate.”

So what should you do?

“You know you move to close toed shoes and you start pulling in some warmer colors with it and styling it with maybe some boots or making it look a little more fall appropriate,” Foster advised.

So guess we’re not off the hook entirely when it comes to the fashion do’s and dont’s. But as far as white after Labor Day, just do whatever you want!

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