Campus Carry Begins For Community Colleges in August

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DALLAS -- Campus carry isn't a new thing in the Lone Star State. What is new? Starting Tuesday, campus carry will also apply to community colleges.

“I would say the majority of responses we received were concerned with the implementation,” DCCCD Assistant general counsel Tricia Horatio said.

Campus carry passed back in 2015. That law allowed students with concealed handgun licenses carry their guns on campus.

Supporters think the law will help prevent incidents like the one at North Lake College back in May when a young woman was shot and killed by a man who then took his own life.

Horatio has been a key player in creating policies when it comes to campus carry on DCCCD campuses.

“Senate Bill 11, which allows concealed carry, allows us to develop regulations and rules regarding conceal carry on our campuses and so we set out to do that,” Horatio said.

DCCCD made sure to do their home work before the August 1st deadline. They held forums for students and staff to express their concerns about the new law.

Some of their rules are similar to those on some 4-year university campuses, such as exclusion zones.

“We are unique in that we’ve got quite a few duel credit and early college/high school students on our campus that are fairly well integrated, so there were some considerations to respect to them as well,” said Horatio “So we established exclusions zones for PK-12 programs as well for our grievance proceedings, fitness centers.”

Everyone's doing their best to make it work, but the debate over this law will always be under the gun.

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