Cam Don’t Lie: Dallas PD Equipping More Cops With Body Cams

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DALLAS–With so many shootings raising so many questions, the idea of stepping up the use of body cams has turned into a hot topic.

More and more police departments are arming their cops with a gun and a body cam.

It can protect a cop if the shooting is justified and get a cop off the streets if it’s not.

The Dallas Police Association tweeted a video from Celina PD this week, showing how effective these little devices can be at showing what really happened.

So what’s DPD’s plan when it comes to body cams?

Well, Chief Brown says they’re already equipped with 90 body cams and is trying to get funding for 200 more in the next city budget.

Mayor Mike Rawlings says him and “Chief Brown has been pushing this for some time, I’ve been a supporter … Let’s do it in a thoughtful manner, execute this thing correctly within the budget we have.”

But the DPA thinks it’s time to make this a priority

“We need to do it as soon as possible to maintain the public’s trust to show the transparency we have to arm all of our officers with body cams,” said DPA President Ron Pinkston.

What do you think? Are you willing to have your tax dollars spent on a cop with a view?

You know what they say… the camera doesn’t lie.

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