Cam Don’t Lie: Celina PD Body Cam Captures Dramatic Arrest

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CELINA, TX — From Dallas to Ferguson, Missouri, police brutality is in the  forefront. And now, a video from a Celina Police Department dash cam looks like it’s going in the same direction, until you look a little closer.

“The guy’s family called and said that their son was being kind of unruly.  This is a really good family too and this doesn’t happen very often.”

That’s when an officer stopped by to try to help, but before he slammed this guy to the ground…

“He was hit in the face,” Fire and Police Chief Mark Metdker said.  After being hit in the face, he continued to remain extremely professional.

The man’s name hasn’t been released yet, but cops did find some drugs on him. It would’ve been harder to see full story if it weren’t for this little device.

“You know, lately, officers are always scrutinized by people who weren’t at the scene,” Sergeant Shea Scott said.  “Body cameras, in turn, are by far one of the best investments police departments can make.”

In the video, the officer is even heard saying,“You don’t want to do this” and “I’m going to try to allow you to roll over real slow we’re going to get the handcuffs on you, okay?”

“I thought our officer handled himself extremely well,” Metdker added.

Hey, we do too Chief! It’s good to see police video where both parties walk away.

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