Siri ‘Butt-Dial’ Saves Teen Crushed Under Truck

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MURFREESBORO, TN — We’ve all done the “butt-dial.” You know, accidentally triggering your phone to call somebody. It’s always iPhoneembarrassing. It could even get you in trouble if someone overhears you talking about them. Even worse: you could accidentally call 911.

But for a Tennessee teenager, a butt-dial to 911 was a lifesaver.

18-year-old Sam Ray was working on his truck, with it jacked up in his driveway, when the nearly 5,000 pound truck fell on him and trapped his arms.

“It was kind of the realization that, ‘What in the world just happened?! And, ‘oh my gosh, this could be the end,'” Sam said.

He screamed, but no one was around. Then he heard the sound of Siri coming from his phone in his back pocket. He pushed up on his hip to activate Siri, told her to call 911 and soon, he heard a 911 operator:

“Hello, if you need emergency assistance, please press a button.”

“Help me!” Sam said. “I’m stuck under my truck.”

“The greatest thing he did was keep saying his address, so we could get everybody there,” dispatcher Christina Lee said.

Sam had broken ribs and a damaged kidney, but he’s getting better every day.

Hey, if you weren’t so sure you wanted to use Siri, maybe this story will make you turn the other cheek.

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