Busted: Sex-Trafficking Ring in Denton County

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Denton County, TX—A sex-trafficking ring is busted.  Now, 24 people are behind bars.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office, The Colony PD and Homeland Security put away 7 escorts, 14 ‘johns’ or buyers, 3 others, and rescued 2 juveniles.  Back in April, they put away 18 traffickers.

“We want to do our very best to protect our children,” Sheriff Will Travis said.  “I don’t care if they come across the border or if they’re U.S. citizens. We want to protect them, and get them into services where we can get them out of that.”

Services like Refuge City help with the healing process. Barbara Rodriguez sees children hurt by sex-trafficking all the time.

“Oh, gosh, it seriously devastates their lives,” Rodriguez said.  “They really are very hopeless, thinking nobody will ever marry them.  They live in terrible shame, even when it’s not their fault.”

Sex trafficking happens when children are sexually exploited.  Rodriguez says it is not considered as prostitution.

“Children run away from home, and there’s traffickers waiting for them,” she said.

Some of these kids are even ‘bought’ online.  And it’s all happening in our backyard.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that trafficking only happens internationally, and it does happen in the United States,” she added.

“These kids that are forced in this don’t have a say so,” Travis said.

Thanks to law enforcement and Sheriff Travis, now, maybe they can have a voice and go back to being kids.

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