Busted: Indiana PD Sued For Tasing Passenger

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HAMMOND, IN -- An Indiana police department has taken the heat off cops in Ferguson after a not-so-routine traffic stop left a family of four -- and now the rest of the country – stunned.

Lisa Mahone was pulled over for not wearing her seatbelt. Her partner, Jamal Jones, was sitting in the passenger seat – with two kids in the back, including her 14-year-old son who recording the whole thing.

Things apparently escalated when Jones couldn't produce identification. A back-up officer was called and Mahone decided to call 911.

"I'm scared for my life,” Mahone said. “Because they pulled a gun on us and we don't have a gun. The man is outside of the car hitting on the passenger window. All our windows is up. I feel like my life is in danger."

When the cops ask Jones to get out of the car, he refuses – and that’s when things get taken to another level.

Officer: "Are you going to open the door?"
Lisa Mahone: "Why do you say someone is not going to hurt you? People are getting shot by the police."

And that’s when the cops smash the window, taze Jones in the back and drag him out of the car.

Here’s something that doesn’t come as a shocker, the couple is now suing the Hammond Police Department for excessive force. However, Hammonds Police issued a statement claiming they were the ones who feared for their safety after Jones reached for something in the back seat.

No gun was found in the car.

Whatever happened here will be decided in court, but the camera don’t lie.

Hmmm, how’s that for getting busted?

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