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FORT WORTH – Sounds like someone’s going to be serving more than detention after several Keller ISD buses were vandalized this morning.

“A bus driver coming to work this morning noticed four males going in the bus barn, and they were going in and out of the buses,” said officer Tracy Carter from the Fort Worth Police Department. “She alerted her security officers, security came out, and the males left.”

The buses are kept overnight at Fossil Ridge High School, where police discovered around $3,500 in damage.

“They destroyed tires, they destroyed radiators, they tried to cut break lines, they destroyed the actual pull out stop sign of the bus,” Carter said.

Police have already arrested four men in connection to the crime, whose ages range from 19 to 27.

“As our police officer pulled them over, he could tell they were intoxicated,” Carter said.

The police department will be working with the district to determine if they need to add more overnight security.

Looks like the wheels on these buses might lead you straight to jail.