Bus Stop: Man vs Bus Caught on Video

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IRVING - It seems like everybody is shooting video on their cell phones these days.

Sometimes, like in South Carolina, that video can make it pretty clear what really happened.  Other times it can leave more questions than answers.

Take the video above, sent in by one of our viewers.

It looks like a man is trying to get a ride from a DART bus; you can see him banging on the front of it.

The driver waits for a while, then slowly starts nudging and pushing the man out of the way -- with the bus!

In a second video, another man is yelling at the first man to get out of the way.  The second man gets back on the bus, which leaves.  Meanwhile, the man who was being pushed by the bus has laid down on the side of the road and is left lying there.

So what the heck happened here??

All we know is that the videos were reportedly shot in Irving, last Friday.

We don't know what time, where in Irving, what was happening inside the bus, or how long this all took to unfold.

We also don't know who was driving the bus, or who the man who ended up on the sidewalk was, or whether he's okay.

But we wanted to know - Is this the way a bus driver is supposed to deal with an uncooperative customer?

We decided to ask DART.

"The bus operator has a number of options," DART spokesman Mark Ball told NewsFix, including calling the police, who could take a while to arrive. "The operator felt he or she could resolve it by just getting the guy pushed out of the way.  It didn't look like they're trying to run him over.  It's unfortunate and I'm glad the individual wasn't hurt."

Ironically, Thursday was "Stand Up For Transportation" Day, celebrated in Dallas by various local leaders.  What no one mentioned at that event was the fact that some folks can't get transportation.  Or stand up.

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