Burned Down Fort Worth Church Holds Service

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Burning to the Ground Does Not Stop Church From Holding ServiceFORT WORTH — In the shadow of their burned down church, members of Greater Canaan Missionary Baptist church gathered. Their pastor Kenneth Sayles had a message:

“Stay strong y’all,” he told his congregation on Sunday morning, just two days after a devastating fire destroyed their church. “Stay strong church. All we need to know is we’re not alone.”

“What might look like a dog day or may look like something that’s gone, or not going to be anymore. It is a great time to assure them, amen, that things still gonna be alright,” one parishioner said.


On Friday, flames tore through Missionary Baptist, but a charred church didn’t stop this congregation from holding their weekly worship where they have done so for over five decades.

“We didn’t want to overlook that where we are is ours,” Pastor Sayles said. “Whether it’s good, bad, it belongs to us, and we just wanted to be here with it.”

Just about everything was lost in the fire. The preacher’s pulpit was one of the few things saved. There was no lack of faith, among parishioners in attendance,  that everything would work out in the end.

“I was in shocked for a minute,” 22-year church member Bobbie Montgomery said.

“But, you know when you with the Lord, he has a way of comforting you, when things like this appear.”

Their building may be gone, but the spirit remains. From ashes to aspirations; dust to determination.

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