Burleson ISD Dress Code Oops Outrages Parents

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BURLESON, TX – Remember the days when school dress codes were simple? Don’t show a ton of skin. Keep the shoes close-toed.

These days, dress codes are outta control. Hey, remember what happened at the end of school at Duncanville High?

Well, now it’s Burleson ISD’s turn to go crazy. Under the current code, elementary school kids can only wear turtlenecks or polo shirts in certain solid colors.

So everyone got pretty excited when the school posted a bunch of new cutting edge colors on their website, like pink, purple, and grey.

Except… woops. Looks like they shopped too soon. It was all too good to be true: that wild and crazy new dress code was only a draft and those revolutionary new colors won’t be allowed after all. Now, parents are mad after dropping dollars on spiffy new shirts for their kids.

The red-faced school district apologized and is now offering refunds … if you still have your receipts.

Color them embarrassed.

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