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MURCHISON — They were popular during World War II and the Cold War. Now, bunkers are seeing a resurgence in popularity.

So what’s the deal?

If you ask Clyde Scott, owner of Rising S Company in East Texas, it all has to do with the country’s change in leadership and a fear of civil unrest.

“Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, people have really started purchasing bunkers not necessarily because they don’t like the President, but his policies are somewhat radical in a lot of peoples opinions,” Scott says, “It isn’t that their crazy and they think, ‘oh the world’s coming to an end.’ No. It’s just in case.”

Scott’s bunkers can sustain a family underground for about year and can even fit in a backyard.

Most include a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and yes, even a gun case.

But the price isn’t cheap.

The bunkers start at $39,000.