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PARKLAND, FL — The tragedy that happened in Florida has a lot of people on edge, and rightfully so.

It has parents doing whatever they can do to make sure their kids are safe in the school halls, and it all starts with a backpack. But not just any knapsack that holds books and colored pencils! We’re talking heavy duty bulletproof backpacks.

Companies who make the bullet proof packs have seen a major sales boost since the shooting. For instance, a company called Bullet Blocker has seen a 30%increase in sales. Just on Thursday, the company sold 500 backpacks, which range anywhere from $200-$500 and are lined with Kevlar.

These bags aren’t a joke, and parents aren’t kidding about their kid’s safety.

Real Housewives of Atlanta momma Kim Zolciak-Biermann is one of those parents. She posted on Instagram saying she got a few for her children.

On the other hand, lots of people took to Twitter saying homeschool sounded more appealing than putting kids in school.

Listen y’all, the world is an unpredictable place. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a little extra safety for the kiddos.