Built to Last: Resort Community in North Texas Town to Feature Underground Bunkers

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ECTOR, TX -- If someone told you they wanted to leave society behind and live in a bunker for a while, it's getting harder to blame them.

After all, just this past January, a bunch of smart people reminded us that we're "three minutes to midnight" on the Doomsday Clock, whatever that means.

And who knows what that clock will say when they update it this January - by then, the biggest stockpile of nukes in the world will be in the hands of the guy from this video.

So it's hard to blame the folks building Trident Lakes, a resort/survivalist community just past the sleepy North Texas town of Ector, about 50 miles from the nearest big target for, you know, the apocalypse.

But Trident Lakes is more than just a hole to hide in.  Once it's done, the project is supposed to feature sustainable sources of food and power, artificial beaches, a gun range, and even a polo field.  And, yes, underground bunkers and a DNA vault just in case the world ends.

So what's the catch?

Well, they haven't announced pricing just yet, but it's reportedly a $300 million dollar project, and from the street we got a good look at the marble fountain they're building at the entrance. Our guess is that the homes will be a little out of most of our price ranges.

But hey, at least some people may survive the end times, and they won't even have to give up polo to do it.

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