LUBBOCK, Texas – Wednesday, all Bubba’s 33 Texas locations donated 100 percent of their sales to the Uvalde Victim Relief Fund created by University Health.

At Bubba’s 33 Lubbock location, workers set out a special memorial: a full table with far too many seats — one for each victim that lost their lives May 24.

For each of the 19 children killed, a kids menu and crayons was included. The two teachers were placed at the heads of the table. 

“You know, these kids could have been in our town here in Lubbock, Texas,” manager Sean Morales said. “It could have been our kids around the area.”

Those at the restaurant said they needed all hands on deck Wednesday. They said some people came in just to donate, not even expecting to eat. 

This is one example of how the power of community can be much more than profits. 

“Even though we’re all the way up here in Lubbock, we still support every family and everyone who was a part of that event,” Morales explained. “It’s a very great thing to see people come together, especially for this great tragedy that just happened.”