Brothers Spend Days Camped Out in Tent for Black Friday Deals

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CEDAR HILLS, TX -- Daniel Osorio has been enjoying his week off from school playing video games with his older brother Robert. No doubt, plenty of 15-year-olds are doing the same. But most of them probably aren't doing it in a tent in the parking lot of a Best Buy.

"It's gonna be my third night sleeping here," said Daniel.

Robert showed NewsFix the brothers' arrangements inside the tent. In addition to the flat-screen and the Xbox, "We've got a heater for when it gets cold later on, our power lines for all our chargers -- we're pretty much set."

Yeah, the power comes from a storefront a couple doors down. Best Buy employees have provided some coffee for the boys from Starbucks. Two more tents are behind the Osorios' in line, but no one answered the doors, er flaps.

There's rain in the forecast, but a tarp should keep the brothers dry.  Hopefully, it does a better job with the rain than it did with the wind. A strong gust interrupted their game by knocking over their TV.

So, why are they there?

"We're camping out to get some specials for Black Friday," Daniel explained. "I mean, I always wanted to be first, you know?"

Well, they sure will be the first two inside when doors open at 5 p.m. on Thursday.  They say family members will be joining them while many of us are either eating or recovering from our Thanksgiving dinners.

So... is it worth it?  They've been camped out since Monday night!

Fellow Best Buy shopper Gwen Wesley doesn't seem to think so.  She did all her shopping Wednesday, walking past the tents on her way out, "I don't think it's necessary to do all of that. I go online and do my shopping, and I think that's the best way to do it.  Ain't no way I'd be out here like that!"

But hey, at least the Onsorio boys will be getting real deals... unlike folks at one Target store where a prankster this week put up fake ads for Black Friday deals.  Things like discounts on all Skittles brand flat-screen TVs, a free falcon, and other "gifts they'll only use once."

For 25 bucks, the fictitious ads even offer a new tent -- with an angry possum in it.

That's one Black Friday deal Cedar Hill's happy campers will probably pass on. Something tells us they'll be happier sticking with their Xbox.

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