British Airways cancels all flights worldwide after IT system failure

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LONDON, ENGLAND — This is not the way to kick off Memorial Day weekend! People are flying mad because they can’t fly anywhere after British Airways canceled all of its flights around the world!

That means no one coming in and no one going out thanks to what British Airways calls a “major IT system failure.”

“There’s just no way for anyone to depart an airplane from anywhere in the world,” one pilot was explaining to travelers stuck at a terminal.

Folks are stuck in the check out lines, terminals, even on the tarmac. With an outage this huge, there’s no telling when things are going to be back up and running.

British Airways CEO Alex Cruz sent out a video statement on twitter to clear a few things up…

So travelers can get their money back, but with no flight in sight, it looks like their weekend is still up in the air.

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