Brewing Shortage: Bad Barley Crop Affecting Beer Business

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DALLAS —  After a long hard day, there’s nothing like taking that first sip of ice cold heaven in a can, right? But what if we told you the nation’s beer supply was in danger of drying up?

Well, you can blame your dampened spirits on a mother who won’t stop crying. We’re talking Mother Nature, folks.

Due to heavy rain in Idaho and Montana, two of the nation’s largest providers of barley say their crops have been damaged, which means there won’t be as much barley to brew and that could send the price of craft beers foaming through the roof.

It’s an issue that has craft breweries across the country feeling tapped out and singing the blues.

We caught up with the Zach Petty, the Brewmaster at Four Corners Brewing Company in Dallas, to see how they’re coping.

“It’s really a lot of stuff that we’re gonna have to watch out for, but fortunately with brewing — as opposed to stuff like wine making — there’s a lot more options for us that are available as far as making substitutions and making the beer taste the same.”

So it looks like there’s a silver lining in this barley-killing rain cloud. We’ll drink to that.

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