‘Brandon Does Dallas’ food blogger gives top tips for food photography

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DALLAS – The fascination people have with food has become quite the trend. Think about it: Can you log onto your social media without seeing a picture of a delicious burger, or colorful sushi? Heck, restaurants are even decorating to make their spot Instagram friendly. But did you know there’s an art to food pics? And no, we’re not necessarily talking about professional photographers. We’re talking about people like you and me, taking out their cell phones and devices, and snapping pics that’ll make you salivate and forget about your diet.

Interested in making folks on your feed envious of your meals? We grabbed food blogger Brandon Baker of Brandon Does Dallas to give us some tips on how to make your images immaculate!

“My first tip is to not use filters, and make sure you have good lighting,” Baker told Newsfix. “You want to make sure that the picture that you take is most authentic to the actual subject. You don’t want to put a filter on that; that’s going to make the mashed potatoes look yellow and the greens look blue and the ribs look a different color.”

Another tip…

“I always edit my photos, that’s one of my biggest tips,” Baker said. “Enhancing it will definitely bring out more personality.”

As for Brandon’s no no’s…

“One of my big no no’s is no flash,” Baker said. “Don’t be afraid to pick up your plate and take it to a different part of the restaurant. If your table is dimly lit, but there’s a table across the restaurant that maybe no one’s sitting at, or the bar may be well lit, then just pick up the plate and take it over there.”

And it’s not all fun and games. There are sacrifices involved.

“My motto is the camera eats first,” Baker told Newsfix. “I try to be considerate and take other people’s plates before my own, that way they can start eating while I’m still taking my photos. Food’s definitely gotten cold.”

Well, there you have it. iPhone Food Photography 101 is dismissed. Now go use these skills on your next fabulous meal!

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