Brain-Freeze, Calorie-Ridden And Delicious DFW Spots To Hit for National Ice Cream Month

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Photo by Heather Buen

Heather Buen, NewsCastic

National Ice Cream Day is observed on the third Sunday in July, which also happens to be National Ice Cream month. And just in case you were wondering — DFW has no shortage of ice cream retreats or bold flavors. Have you heard of Blueberry Basil, Black Sesame Seed or Brown Butter Candied Bacon? It was a tough job but somebody had to do it, so we personally tried these delicious and unusual treats to create this list of Dallas’ top ice cream spots to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Make room for this list of Dallas’ most phenomenal ice cream shops — this is your sweet relief from the brutal Texas heat.

Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams

Carnival Barker’s wants you to know: give us ice cream or give us death. This handmade ice cream has no preservatives or fillers. In their words: “no BS.” Various ice cream flavors come with unusual names like John Wayne, Nutella and traditional flavors like banana pudding chocolate and coconut. They are known for Rice Krispie’s Ice Cream Sandwiches along with traditional favorites. The shop also creates their own vanilla extract available for sale. Aaron Barker, owner of Carnival Barker’s, went to ice cream college at Penn State — so he takes his ice cream very seriously — OK, maybe not too much.

Price: $5.

Location: 345 W Jefferson Blvd., Dallas.

Cool Haus

photo credit: Heather Buen

Taking ice cream and cookies to a whole new level, Cool Haus originally started as a food truck and now have a brick and mortar location at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. Serving up their famous ice cream sandwiches, they also give you an overview of how to create the perfect ice cream sandwich for yourself. CoolHaus also has ice cream bars, floats and milkshakes. Try your ice cream in a cookie bowl, cone or cup. Also included on the menu is kombucha, kombucha floats along with craft soda and coffee. Unusual flavors we noticed at this location were Black Sesame Seed, Guinness Chocolate, and Strawberry Mojito. If you love bacon gets your in the ice cream with some bacon salt.

Price: $4.

Location: Dallas Farmers Market, 920 S. Harwood St., Dallas.

Cow Tipping Creamery

The Cow Tipping Creamery has made a name for itself in East Dallas for the “Stacker,” a specially layered sundae made with homemade toppings and baked goods evenly distributed throughout your dessert, from top to bottom. You can also opt for a float, shake or a regular cone. Unique flavors include specialty cones such as the Salty Sweet, which has dark chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, malted peanut butter pretzel crumb, and brown butter ritz crumb with a soft serve of your choice.

Price: $3.25 and Stackers start at $4.

Location: 1146 Peavy Road, Dallas.

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream

Howdy Homemade was founded on a steel conviction that the restaurant industry is about people first, then food. Howdy Homemade empowers employees with special needs to succeed far beyond what most people think is possible. There truly is nothing special about what we are doing other than giving greatness a chance to succeed. Oh yeah, and ice cream is pretty darn good as well! Come on in and say, “HOWDY Y’all!”

Price: $4-$6.

Located: 4333 Lovers Lane, Dallas.

Hypnotic Emporium

Entering the doors of Hypnotic Emporium in East Dallas and your are instantly transported to the 1920’s with its soda shop feel and candy store. Hypnotic Emporium has a large menu of homemade ice cream on the wall but a limited amount of flavors in the display case. Not to worry, they can get you anything that is on the menu and turn into a scoop, malt, shakes, and sundae. The ice cream itself is handmade from the award-winning Beth Marie’s in Denton. If you haven’t tried The Dream, it’s a Hypnotic donut stuffed with up to 3 choices of ice cream, flash heated and then add choice of toppings.

Price: $0.75 oz.

Location: 9005 Garland Rd., Dallas.

Joy Macarons

Photo Credit: Heather Buen

With two locations in Oak Cliff and Lower Greenville, the joy of Joy Macarons Ice Cream sandwiches gives this place a special mention on this list of places to enjoy ice cream for National Ice Cream Month. Macarons are plentiful in Dallas and there are two places on this list that serve macaron ice cream sandwiches. With handmade ice cream and changing flavors, Joy definitely delights. Some unusual flavors are fruity such as the blueberry basil in the photo above and other flavors like peach ginger.

Price: $2 for macarons and about $6 for ice cream sandwich

Location(s): 839 W. Davis Street, Dallas and 927 Greenville Ave., Dallas.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

Travel into Trinity Groves where you may catch Kate Weiser herself making her signature chocolate creations. If you get a chance, partake in the specialty ice cream sundaes at Kate Weiser Chocolate only available on the weekends. You can also try your ice cream in a French Macaron sandwich with ice cream flavors rotating weekly.

Price: Scoops start at $5.

Location: 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 115, Dallas.

Motor Sisters Ice Cream

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An ice cream shop near the Truck Yard on Lower Greenville, Motor Sisters likes to pay homage to women of the Industrial Revolution. With diverse sundaes with names like the Rosie, Vera Ruben, Malala and Sandberg, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Sundaes start off with the choice of vanilla or chocolate and end up creating delectable sweet treats you can easily take along on a stroll. This funky soft serve eatery gets it’s ice cream from Melt in Fort Worth.

Price: $5.

Location: 5624 Sears St., Dallas.

Sweet Firefly

While not exactly in Dallas but located in the City of Richardson, Sweet Firefly earns a place in this list since so many people recommended it. This is ice cream in it’s simplest form in either a cup or a cone. Sweet Firefly is a locally owned ice cream and candied treats shop in Richardson’s Canyon Creek. They also have handmade toffee and a variety of bulk candies. Flavors can be as diverse as Tin Roof and Kooky Monster.

Price: $2.95.

Location: 2701 Custer Pkwy #810, Richardson.

Wild About Harry’s

Photo by Heather Buen

Since 1996, Harry’s has been serving up frozen custard and hot dogs from their original Knox location. They have three locations including Burleson and now a new location in Deep Ellum on Hall Street. While they serve custard and not ice cream you can still enjoy this treat during National Ice Cream Month (we won’t tell anyone). With many toppings and flavors, you can get a cone, a cup, a malt, a shake and a sundae. They now serve over 50 unique flavors.

Price: $2.99 a single dip.

Location: 114 S. Main St., Burleson; 111 S. Hall St., Dallas, 3113 Knox St., Dallas.

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