Borderline Wrong: ‘Migrant Chic’ Fashion Spread Depicts Refugees

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NEW YORK, NY – When it comes to fashion, it's safe to say anything goes. Yep, we've seen it all. But one photographer is catching a lot of flak for a recent spread.
Hungarian photog Norbert Baksa is taking a literal approach to the phrase "Art imitates life" with his "Der Migrant" series that features a model scantily clad, dressed as a migrant.

Check it out. Some of the photos even show barbed wire and what looks to be Border Patrol grabbing and preventing the woman from crossing.

The so called look described as ‘migrant chic’ has many folks turning their cheek, especially on social media.

But Baksa clapped back, stating that his Hungarian background influenced the shoot. He says, "I met people from both sides and realized how differently they see the issue. What I mostly do not appreciate is the expression of extreme opinions without having all the exact information."

Regardless of his explanation, it seems the vast majority thinks this form of expression is borderline wrong.

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