Border Patrol agents ready to rescue migrants stranded in the snow and other harsh elements

Border Report

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — It has been snowing in the mountains east of San Diego for the past few days, and Border Patrol agents will likely run into or have to rescue migrants stranded in the cold weather.

Agents are ready.

All 2,000 agents in the San Diego region are first responders, trained in life-saving skills, and carry First Aid gear and materials to lend medical aid, said Agent Justin Castrejon, a Border Patrol spokesman.

Some, like Castrejon, are EMT-Paramedics who take even more equipment with them.

“This is an extra bag I carry, it has advanced airways, it has oxygen, blood pressure cuffs and things of that sort,” Castrejon said.

Border Patrol Agent Justin Castrejon is an EMT and Paramedic ready to help migrants. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

Castrejon says every agent is ready to help, and he knows with inclement weather setting in, they’ll likely be called upon to help.

“A lot of times, people are unaware of these dangers, they’re lied to by smugglers, they’re told it’s an easy walk or hike to a road,” Castrejon said. “They find themselves in an emergency in need of help and that’s where we come in as Border Patrol agents.”

The Border Patrol BORSTAR (Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue) teams roving the border region.

About a year ago, a team was called to help find three women who were stranded in the snow.

“BORSTAR agents immediately responded, found the women, two were already deceased, the third was found in dire need of help. Agents tried to help but unfortunately all three passed away,” Castrejon said.

This is an example of tragedies that occur all along the southern border according to Catrejon, who says most of the time agents do arrive in time.

“Within the last year, 71 migrants have been rescued all along the border from the mountains east of San Diego to the Pacific Ocean.

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