Boom Box: 100 greatest hip hop songs of all time!

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DALLAS — Each time we see a list of the 100 greatest of anything, we cringe a little, hoping that whoever compiled the list has a clue on what they are talking about.  It becomes even more sensitive when we start to talk about music, specifically hip hop.

Therefore, you can probably understand how intrigued we were when we learned Rolling Stone published a list of the 100 greatest hip hop songs!  Yikes!  But we have to be honest with you, we weren’t that disappointed.

If you just concentrate on the top 10, which let`s be honest, that’s what we are really focused on.  We see Erik B and Rakim with Paid in Full, Juicy by Biggie, and Public Enemy with Fight the Power. Had to get some Snoop in there Nuttin but a G Thang and of course some Texas flavor with the Geto Boys at number five –  Mind Playing Tricks on Me.

Rounding out the rest of the list is Run DMC`s Sucka MC`s, Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa and of course, The Sugar Hill Gang with this song that never gets old, Rappers Delight.  But, nothing is bigger than this song according to Rolling Stone`s list of the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of All Time.  At number one, The Message by Grandmaster Flash!

Our only criticism is that it needed at least one more Texas artist in the top 10!

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