Booking Bush: George W. Signs Books Written About ’41’

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DALLAS – If you’re looking for a page-turner, maybe 41 is your lucky number.

And no, that’s not wishful thinking about the frigid temps outside.

Former President George W. Bush, aka 43, decided to write about his 90-year-old dad and our 41st President. That explains the name of the book, 41: A Portrait of My Father.

And G.W. himself spent Thursday morning at a Dallas Barnes and Noble, putting his John Hancock on his latest hard cover.

To get a close encounter with the President, folks had to wait in a long line out in the cold. However, you won’t hear anybody complaining.

"It's really quite an honor to get this book,” Stephanie Massey said. "I have two sons that went to A&M and we affectionately refer to 'Daddy Bush' down there."

43 launched his book tour at A&M, where ‘Daddy Bush’ has his Presidential library.

"My dad always wished he could have read a book by John Q. Adams about his father John Adams. I can do that,” George W. Bush said.

The biography, which is just under 300 pages, went on sale Veteran’s Day. And by the looks of things, this book has something for everyone – even #42.

Hey, start ‘em young, right?

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