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DALLAS — Demi Tomasides is a star on the stage, but she saves her best performances for off of it, and that’s what makes her our Class Act of the Week!

Demi is a senior at Booker T, and a key player in the school’s theatre department.

“We all have a really good chemistry together and if something is kind of going hard, the community that this theatre cluster has kind of built up, it’s irreplaceable,” Demi said.

But she doesn’t just save her theatrical passion for the stage, she gives it back to others. Over the summer she developed a special theatre therapy camp program at Bryan’s House, for underprivileged, special needs kids.

“We created a program that infused speech therapy into vocal warm-ups and physical therapy into theatre exercises and occupational therapy into arts and crafts just so these kids could have the same theatre experience that has helped me throughout my whole life,” she said.

It’s something she wanted to create because of her close relationship with her sister.

“My sister actually has cerebral palsy and I kind of wanted to give her a camp that she could really experience to the fullest and I wanted to give her something that has meant so much to me in my life. I wanted to give her the gift of theatre,” said Demi.

And it’s a gift that she wants to keep giving. Her goal is to one day start her own theatre company for kids with special needs.

So even though Demi’s story is still at the beginning of Act I, she’s already done enough to deserve a standing ovation!

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