Boeing wants to pay you $2 million to build a jetpack

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CHICAGO, IL — People are willing to pay big bucks for the next big thing!

Since it’s not looking like we’re getting flying cars anytime soon, Boeing is willing to fork over $2 million to anyone who can build a jet pack!

The “Go Fly Prize” competition is for engineers and designers alike to show what they’ve got when it comes to building a jetpack, and the final fly-off at the end of the competition will decide who gets the prize money.

Boeing isn’t the only company trying to innovate. Dyson is dipping its fingers in something other than vacuum cleaners.

They’ve been working on electric cars! Turns out, they plan to spend almost $3 billion dollars to join the electric car club,and want to launch their version as soon as 2020.

Apparently, the vacuum company have already built the motor, they just need to build the car and the battery. Let’s just hope it doesn’t suck.

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