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SANGER, TX — Blake Pyron’s star turn continues to get brighter!

After the disappointment of not hearing back from Shark Tank following an audition, the Blake’s Snow Shack owner and his team got another offer, this one from The Boardroom.

“We were kind of feeling defeated, and then we heard about The Boardroom,” Blake’s mom, Mary Ann said. “It’s probably much more valuable to us because they’re local.”

The Boardroom offers a think tank environment for business owners needing a boost, but they were left in a different situation when Blake and Mary Ann took the stage.

“You guys are paving the way on something,” one panelist said.

“Mary Ann, you are my shero,” an audience member offered.

“I don’t have a lot of heroes in my life,” Boardroom founder Charles Horton told them, choking back tears. “You and your family are heroes.”

“It was the first time I’d ever shared Blake’s birth story on a public platform like that,” Mary Ann told NewsFix Sunday.

The story that brought the crowd to tears was the true one of being told Blake probably had Down Syndrome the day he was born, the week of denial following, then the confirmation that he did have the diagnosis.

“I was in the car looking at Blake, and I realized we’re a special needs family,” she said to The Boardroom audience, tearing in her eyes.

That never defined their story, though. That was the determination that came after, part of it documented in the past year through Blake’s Snow Shack.

Blake’s main objectives right now are snow cones, dance moves, and making money, but Horton wants to truly snowball this idea.

“I’m happy, and I’m excited for Blake’s Snow Shack, but I think what they really have is a story that can go change lives,” he said.

“They’re really encouraging us to do motivational speaking, so we’re gonna look at that,” Mary Ann Pyron said.

Blake’s Snow Shack at Rangers games? It could happen!

A Dallas sports fan ’til the end, the Pyrons are also exploring putting Blake’s at Rangers games!

Oh, and how about this question from The Boardroom panel?

“I just have one question,” local PR man Jeff Crilley asked. “Who’s going to play you in the movie?”

It’s Sandra Bullock for Mary Ann. Blake, naturally, will play himself.

The phenomenon rolls on in Downtown Sanger, and it’s been a delicious ride so far.