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DALLAS — If you’re a smoker, you know first-hand that places where you can smoke to protect other people from second-hand smoke are getting harder to find. Now, the City of Dallas is looking to really clear the smoke.

On Thursday, the Dallas Park and Rec board met to decide whether to pursue a total smoking ban in city-owned parks, a ban that would include Fair Park and golf courses. It’s something the golf community doesn’t think is on par with profits.

At least a couple of golfers showed up Thursday to oppose the potential ban, but not everyone in attendance was smoker friendly. A mother voiced her support for the ban based on her three children suffering from asthma.

The board members were just as divided as the debate lasted around 90 minutes.

In the end, the board decided smoking in public parks and on the greens is just fine, for now. The board members agreed to meet again at a later time.

So park-goers and golfers you’re free to keep puffing, looks like someone was just blowing smoke.