Blowing Smoke: Finally Cuban Cigars Could Burn Up Texas

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DALLAS - So during a phone call, President Obama and President Castro agreed to restart relations between the United States and Cuba.  Sure, we get to build a new American embassy in Havana.  Our citizens get to salsa on Cuba's beaches. But for those who like to blow smoke, only one thing matters.

"Cause good ashes are hard to find," Rene Escobedo, who is an avid cigar smoker, explains.

Smoking Cubans.

"We`re going to have some great new cigars coming to the U.S.," Danay Chambers, who loves cigars, said.

"I`ve always wanted to try one out," Escobedo said.  "Never had the luck or known people, but I think it will be a great thing."

Yep.  Smoking enthusiasts will finally be able to burn up tobacco that was considered a big no-no in the U.S.

"Cause people are always coming in saying, 'Do you have Cuban cigars?'" City Cigars owner Paul Mignini said, laughing. "I`m like, 'Don`t you know those are illegal?'"

Those who consider themselves cigar connoisseurs may be surprised to find out it may not have been worth the wait after all.

Mignini explains, "Ten or fifteen years ago where Cuban cigars were clearly the top of the pyramid, now Nicaraguan, Dominican, Brazilian.  So many different regions have developed some really fine tobaccos. There are so many great cigars on the market. It will be one of those things were people will go bananas and they`ll be really excited about getting all these cigars. And then maybe they will realize that perhaps they had it good all along."

City Cigars in Dallas has over 300 options.  So what's the closest to the Cuban Cigar?

"Camacho has a terrific full body cigar," Mignini explains.  "Gran Habano. In fact, if you smoked a Tatuaje Unico it would taste just like a Montecrisco from Cuba."

Well, you just found a gift for your significant other for the holidays.  You're welcome!!

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