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DFW AIRPORT – While many folks on the east coast are bracing for wicked Winter Storm Jonas to blow through, some just want to get home before it all goes down. At DFW International Airport, NewsFix found a lot passengers are left stranded because of flight cancellations.

Samantha Buccetti was supposed to fly home to Hartford, Connecticut, but thanks to “snowzilla,” she’s hoping she can just catch a flight out of town.

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“6:30 in the morning, I get a text message saying my flight got canceled,” Buccetti said. “Rearranged another one to Laguardia instead of Hartford and that one got canceled. And now they put me on a direct flight, thank goodness, but still waiting on that confirmation number to get here. So hopefully, I get home to my little boy.”

Others are a little more lucky.

“Going back to Boston after a few days in Dallas,” Carl Hohenstein said. “I had a 7:00 flight. My boss let me change it, but now it turns out we’re only getting a couple inches probably tomorrow.”

Only time will tell just how bad the storm will really get, but we do know one thing – here in North Texas, people are breathing easy knowing we’re dodging this bitter cold bullet!