#Blizzard2016 in 9 Hilarious GIFs

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Looks like winter is making up for lost time.


It sure started out tame… now, it’s about to open up a can of whoop a** from Arkansas to New York!


Washington and Baltimore will get the worst of it — about two feet of snow.

smokey ice cube

Air travel? Fuhgeddaboudit!


More than 4,500 flights are canceled for the weekend — with hundreds of folks stranded.

home alone

In the storm’s path? 75 million people may go toe-to-toe with blizzard conditions.


You know what that means. Yep… folks are wiping out grocery store shelves.

supermarket sweep

It should all be over by Saturday night. Sunday Funday will be all about digging out.

cat snow

We’re sure all this Netflix and Chill will bring on a baby boom come September and October.

funny baby gif

Yep, we took it there. Ha!

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