Blind ambition? It’ll be Amma’s ticket from Ruff Life to your home

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DALLAS -- Steady on your feet can be tough sometimes!

"When she came in, she was walking a little funny. Her back legs were hurting, and she was having a hard time getting around," Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said about seven-year-old Amma.

For Amma the Chihuahua, it wasn't just a physical issue. She was trying to find her footing in life, too.

"She found herself in the shelter because she was roaming the streets of Dallas," Edman said.

What was really wrong with the pint-sized pooch?

"Come to find out, this sweet little pup's actually blind," Edman said.

The loss of her sight is unexplained, but it hasn't affected Amma one bit!

"Although she's blind," Edman said, "she actually doesn't have a hard time getting around. She uses her own doggy door to go outside and to come back in whenever she'd like."

Do we have a budding, blind superhero on our hands? A Daredevil in the making?

"They have all these other senses, like smell, hearing, taste, that they can rely on in order to get around," Edman explained.

Well, she may have all those senses, but she's more of a super sleeper than a super hero!

"She'll burrow under a blanket and just turn around," Edman laughed. "Sometimes you don't know where she is, but she's right next to you underneath that blanket."

Her one kryptonite? Squeaky toys.

"As much as she likes to take naps and cuddle with her humans, she also likes to play a little bit," Edman said. "She has her little tennis balls and ropes she likes to play with."

A dog with super senses and a love of both naps and playtime?

We dare you to take Amma home!

Do you think you could help an animal through Dallas Pets Alive! by adopting or fostering? Check out their website:

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