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SANGER, TX — Race cars, politicians, Duck Men, Times Square, and how does the old joke go? Chuck Norris wears Blake Pyron pajamas?

Yeah, snow cones turned Blake into a hot commodity over the last year, but would all that change boss man Blake?

Judging by his huge smile and flailing dance moves Saturday, now a snow’s cones chance in Sanger!

Our dude’s smooth as ever, and year two of Blake’s Snow Shack kicked off Saturday, leaving the Pyrons wondering where the time’s gone.

“Every day we’re just surprised,” his mom, Mary Ann Pyron, said. “We are so honored and humbled to be celebrating Blake’s one year anniversary.”

For the first and still the only Down Syndrome business owner in Texas, this whole dream started with a simple question to a loving mother.

“I lost sleep at night hearing Blake say, ‘What about me,'” his mom said.

Who knew frozen treats were the answer?

“That dream couldn’t have come true without all of you,” she said to the group gathered at Blake’s Snow Shack’s one year anniversary party. “How do you thank someone for loving your child? We know that you all love Blake as much as you do.”

And we’re all inspired by Blake.

“I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I just want to say, you are God’s gift,” said Blake’s friend, Bailey Wollnet.

His highlight of the year? Gotta be having his logo on both a NASCAR Sprint Cup car and a replica at Team Texas High Performance Driving School.

As for his mom? It’s the Blake Pyron Entrepreneurship Scholarship that’ll help others with Down Syndrome open their own businesses.

But let’s face it. Days like this one with family and friends are pretty hard to beat too.