Black Or White? Is Race Really the Issue?

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Does skin color really matter?

Well, that question is playing out night after night as folks protest what happened on the streets of Ferguson and Staten Island.

But some people are taking the big debate to the big screen.

When the new Star Wars movie trailer featured a Storm Trooper, who happens to be black, Twitter started showing its true colors.

#blackstormtrooper was the trending topic, followed by a slew of angry Star Wars fans.

Well, actor John Boyega wasn’t bothered by it; he responded to the backlash on Instagram saying “get used to it.”

Hmmm, but  this isn’t the first or only time film characters have been racially re-cast.

The latest Annie and the Daddy Warbucks character? Yeah, they’re both black.

If anyone has a problem with that, we’ve got a hard-knock for you.

Remember the 1997 remake of Cinderella starring Brandy who fell in love with her Asian prince?

Not trying to get all historical here, but in the new movie Exodus Egyptian, Royalty is played by actors who look a little fairer skinned than what the history books teach us.

When folks suggested boycotting that film, director Ridley Scott reportedly said “get a life.”

So, is race the real issue here or are people just scared of change?

Like MJ said  “doesn’t matter if you’re black or white!”

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