Biting Back: Woman sues after K-9 mistakenly attacked her

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ST. PAUL, MN- Desiree Collins was taking out the trash one Saturday morning, nothing seemed to warn her to what would happen next. The 52-year-old St. Paul woman was attacked by a police dog.

In the video released by the St. Paul police department Collins can be heard asking “what did I do to him?”

She had done nothing wrong, the dog mistook Collins for a male burglary suspect that had fled on foot.

Collins suffered bites to her harm and her lower leg. The bite even knocked her out of her shoes!

Now she is suing the police department, claiming she wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to other innocent people.

The cops on scene weren’t the only ones apologetic to Collins. Chief Todd Axtell released a statement saying “What happened to Ms. Collins was a terrible accident that should not have occurred.”

Her lawsuit hopes to change a few police procedures including the length of the dog’s leash and the use of effective warnings.

Perhaps it could prevent cops from having to say “you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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